OSEA SafetyNet™

OSEA SafetyNet™

Safety that you don’t have to think about. Safety Net was designed for companies large or small. A complete safety program that includes compliant manual, audits, training, Training Tracker and 24 hour support through Safety Badger. The program is completely customizable so you can choose the right fit for you. Select the number of audits to your facility, job sites or even programs. Determine how many hours of training you would like annually for employees, topics can be chosen at a later date.

Let OSEA be your safety department.

A written safety manual developed based on needs and requirements Included
Planned site safety audits. Included
10-50 hours of safety training topics Included
3 user liscences for a year of Safety Badger: the Mobile App Included
Training Tracker database to track employee's training Included


Easily Keep Track of Training Compliance

OSEA SafetyNet™, gives you access to your safety training records via a computer program, Training Tracker. It allows you to keep track of what employees have received what training. Taking that stack of papers on your desk completely digital.

Expert Technical Support Through Safety Badger

Members get access, via email and phone support, to OSEA safety officers where they can ask questions related to safety. This is offered through our mobile app, Safety Badger. Where users can ask safety related questions and get answers in 15 minutes or less.

OSEA Training

Members who purchase OSEA SafetyNet™ will have anywhere from 10-50 hours of safety training to include topics such as OSHA 10-Hour Training, Ladder Safety, LO/TO, Machine Guarding, ad Hazwoper training.

Proactive Safety

Our studies show combining training with programs, auditing, and technology have significantly reduces injury and associated costs.

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